Build your first Ethereum Wallet (Source code included)

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關於 About

一個使用最基本HTML, Javascript, ethers.js 製作之以太坊錢包,協助您以最快速、簡單的方式進入以太坊應用程式領域。

A wallet application built on most basic HTML, Javascript and ethers.js, helping people to get into Ethereum development fast and easy.

目標 Goal


To understand and have hands-on ability to:
create a crypto wallet application.
commit transfer and check transaction.

原始碼 Source code

EtherScan API 金鑰 KEY

您可以參考以下資訊取得EtherScan API 金鑰:

Get your EtherScan API KEY:


VisualStudio Code

測試以太 Test ETH


You can get test ETH from:


測試用USDT 將於課程中發放,您也可以聯絡我們取得。

Testing USDT will be issued during course, you can also contact us to obtain some testing USDT.

安裝 Installation


Download or clone the project, unzip.

檔案結構 File Structure

├── index.html # 以太錢包 Ethereum Wallet
├── course.html # 課程檔 Course File
├── lib # 引用資源 Resources
│ ├── js # Javascript
│ └── css # CSS
└── ethereum_wallet.code-workspace # VisualStudio Code 專案 Project

使用方式 Usage


Open index.html in browser.

正式/測試鏈 Live/Test Blockchain

在lib/js/index.js 中調整參數env,homestead 為正式以太坊鏈;ropsten 為以太坊測試鏈。

Change the env parameter in lib/js/index.js, homestead for live Ethereum blockchain, ropsten for test Ethereum blockchain.

var env = ‘ropsten’; // homestead — 正式 Live; ropsten — 測試 test



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